Welcome to the NonProfit.MBA

Welcome to the NonProfit MBA

We simplified nonprofit
business management

The NonProfit MBA will help you …

Become a nonprofit architect

Use nonprofit core functions to build, evaluate, or increase the capacity of a nonprofit.

Develop master planner skills

Create strategic plans to strengthen your nonprofit’s foundational capabilities, organizational resilience, and program impact.

Develop disciplined thinking

Use nonprofit business management concepts to make and communicate decisions with clarity.

This is what people are saying…

“This is everything I’ve been trying to figure out since I took on the role as ED in this organization”

Debbie E. – SCCF

The NonProfit MBA is not for everyone

The NonProfit.MBA is for you if you want to …

  • Build or help build a nonprofit.
  • Assess a nonprofit organization.
  • Increase the capacity of an existing nonprofit.
  • Impact the direction of a nonprofit.

If that’s you, sign up now …

Not it?

hmmm… If this is not quite what you are looking for … reach out to me, tell me who you are, and what you need. I’ll be glad to help.